UK. Open Government Playbook – Guías para descargar como recursos para la planificación y ejecución de políticas públicas

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El Gobierno de UK, puso a disposición una serie de guías para descargar libremente que permite utilizarlas como un recurso para la planificación, ejecución y evaluación de proyectos de políticas públicas

How to use the Open Government Playbook


The sections ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ will help you incorporate the values of open government at each stage of your project. You can use the Playbook as a resource for project planning, as a ‘cheat sheet’ with a list of actions you should deploy in your process, or as a checklist or a ‘to-do’ list when implementing and evaluating the project.

The posters can be printed out and put on your wall or desk as an easily accessible piece of guidance. The cards can be used during your team meetings or workshops to facilitate conversations about implementation of the open government methods.

In addition to the stages of the project, the policy section of the Playbook is split into three open government principles: transparency, participation, accountability. This provides a more detailed account on how to action each principle in your work. The digital and communications cards provide a set of actions that integrate the principles of open government (participation, transparency, accountability).


Fuente: Gobierno de UK